India is a huge country with vast diversity and geographical differences and in terms psychological face to face counseling reaching everywhere is difficult thing but there is always a possibility. So we started unilne: Telephonic, Online & Email counseling so that everyone get the access to counseling. It offers individuals the same level of support and confidentiality as that of meeting face to face with a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist.


(1). ACCESSIBILITY It offers higher level of flexibility, reduces the waiting time for treatment and making it more accessible to pan India.

(2). AFFORDABILITY It is offers affordable services as client saves travelling cost, waiting time and client pays only the cost of time he spend on line.

(3). ANONYMITY Online and telephone counseling services offer the client a higher level of privacy as well as leaving them the option to remain anonymous as there are stigma associated with mental health in the society.

(3). CONVENIENCE It is so convenient that nobody or no circumstances stop you getting counseling sessions in case of need. Like disabled individuals, inability take brake, travelers, people living in remote area, hearing impaired people etc.

(3). FLEXIBILITY These services can be offered at more flexible times than face to face counselling

Steps for New Clients

Steps For Already Registered Clients

Terms & conditions

1. uniline is a pre-paid counselling service run by Unique Psychological Services Pvt.Ltd in association with 2. Client registration will be with and they will be counselled by psychologist/ counsellor at Unique Psychological Services Pvt. Ltd. 3. Client will recharge his/her pre paid card using his/her net banking, credit/debit card, cash card by using using his/her regsitered mobile number. 4. Unique Psychological Services Pvt Ltd will not be responsible for any financial transactions made to 5. Time of counselling will be mutually decided by client and psychologist/counsellor depending on the availability of the time with counsellor/psychologist.