Psychology is a never ending field with an ever-growing scope, application and potential. A quick reflection of it can also be seen from increasing numbers of students taking up psychology courses at college and university levels. The general public also seems to be becoming aware about the field of psychology and its need and importance. Several organizations, government and non-government ones like, clinics, hospitals, schools, corporates, institutions, medical doctors, NGOs, rehabilitation centers etc. need psychologist/counselor to provide various mental health services. Often finding the right person for the right job profile is equally a big challenge both for the organizations and for the applicants seeking for jobs.

With this concern in mind, Unique Psychological Services has taken the first initiative of its kind to establish a platform called uniJob to assist students/professionals of the psychology and allied fields to find write jobs for them as per their interest and potential.

Our Aim

The primary objective of uniJob will be to get students placed satisfactorily in reputed organizations, multinationals, government jobs, NGOs and the private sector. All those registered with uniJobs will be entitled to placement updates, assistance, counseling for employment, training for job and even entrepreneurship, self-employment and preparation for the interview and other essential assistance in this regard.

Our Objectives

(1). Identification of candidates potential and mapping their competencies.

(2). Providing interlink for the enthusiastic talent ready to explore the new horizons with the growing requirements of the world.

(3). Working as a platform for moulding the candidate according to the requirement of the outer world.

Registration Process

Terms & conditions

1. uniJob is a division of Unique Psychological Services Pvt. Ltd. Registration fee will be deposited in the name Unique Psychological Services Pvt. Ltd. 2. Registration with uniJob is valid till the date of the candidates first placement or a period of 1 year only, whichever is more applicable. 3. Preference of place and choice of job shall be kept in mind while assisting the candidate but the same cannot be guaranteed. 4. Candidate will be responsible for any kind of misinformation or wrong information in their CV. 5. uniJob will provide information about jobs, will guide and assist you for preparing interview but getting a job will also depend to quit an extent on individuals skills, attitude and performance in the interview. 6. Registration fee once paid is not refundable. 7. Sustaining or resigning from the job shall be candidates choice. uniJob shall have no role in ensuring sustainment of the candidates job. 8. In case a candidate desires to shift to some other organization, or to a new job profile, he or she needs to re-register with uniJob for it.